Accepted contributions

Accepted contributions

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Accepted papers

Tanveer Ahmad. Communication-Efficient Cluster Scalable Genomics Data Processing Using Arrow Flight

Dinesh Amarasekera and Nalin Ranasinghe. ZPAXOS: An asynchronous BFT PAXOS with a leaderless synchronous group

Mozhgan Asadzadeh, Saeid Hosseinzadeh and Mahsa Naghizadeh. Toward Accelerating Idealization Process Under Churn for Chord

Frédéric Gava and Léa Bayati. A scalable algorithm for homomorphic computing on multi-core clusters

Frédéric Gava. A type system to avoid runtime errors for Multi-ML

Hovhannes Harutyunyan, Narek Hovhannisyan and Rakshit Magithiya. Deep Heuristic for Broadcasting in Arbitrary Networks

Daniel Hass and Josef Spillner. Workload Deployment and Configuration Reconciliation at Scale in Kubernetes-Based Edge-Cloud Continuums

Valentin Henkys, Bertil Schmidt and Niklaus BergerOnline Event Selection for Mu3e using GPUs

Muhammad Javed, Hao Zhou, David Troendle and Byunghyun Jang. Cuckoo Node Hashing on GPUs

Danielle Tchuinkou Kwadjo, Erman Nghonda and Christophe Bobda. Coarse-Grained Floorplanning for Accelerating Quantized Neural Networks on Multi-Die FPGAs

Giuliano Laccetti, Marco Lapegna and Diego Romano. A hybrid clustering algorithm for high-performance edge computing devices

Bogdan-Costel Mocanu, Gabriel Cosmin Apostol, Dragoș Rădulescu and Cristina Șerbănescu. TrustS: Probability based trust management system in smart cities

Tirathraj Ramburn and Dhrubajyoti Goswami. FlexiShard: a Flexible Sharding Scheme for Blockchain based on a Hybrid Fault Model

Juan Salamanca. Performance Comparison of Speculative Taskloop and OpenMP-for-loop Thread Level Speculation on Hardware Transactional Memory

William Sanders, Srishti Srivastava and Ioana Banicescu. Performance Modeling of Scalable Resource Allocations with the Imperial PEPA Compiler

Md Bulbul Sharif and Sheikh Ghafoor. APPFIS: An Advanced Parallel Programming Framework for Iterative Stencil Based Scientific Applications in HPC Environments

Luca Sterpone, Sarah Azimi, Corrado De Sio and Filippo Parisi. Analysis and Mitigation of Soft-Errors on High Performance Embedded GPUs

Cosmin Stoica, Radu-Ioan Ciobanu and Ciprian Dobre. Investigating TCP/MPTCP Support for Drop Computing in User Space Network Stacks

Sebastien Varrette, Emmanuel Kieffer and Frederic Pinel. Optimizing the RJMS of an Academic HPC & Research Computing Facility

Tian Ye, Sanmukh R. Kuppannagari, Cesar Augusto F De Rose, Sasindu Wijeratne, Rajgopal Kannan, and Viktor Prasanna. Estimating the Impact of Communication Schemes for Distributed Graph Processing

Oral Communications

Julio Sanchez-Curto and Pedro Chamorro-Posada. A nonblocking approach for the computation of the Laplacian

Radu-Ioan Ciobanu and Ciprian Dobre. FARGO: Federated leARninG for human moBility

Seyed Hossein Haeri. ΔQ Systems Development Paradigm

Ali Mohammed, Christopher Haine, and Utz-Uwe Haus. Maestro: A Middleware for Data Orchestration in Scientific Workflows

Bogdan Costel Mocanu. Real-time scheduling in distributed systems

Patrick Damme. DAPHNE: An Open and Extensible System Infrastructure for Integrated Data Analysis Pipelines